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HZAUers Win Awards in Hubei Provincial Round for 13th ICE Competition

From May 26 to 28, Hubei Engineering University held Hubei Provincial Round for the 13th National College Student E-Commerce “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship” Challenge (hereinafter referred to as ICE Competition). 4 teams from HAZU advanced to the finals.

Among entries presented by competitive teams from different universities, 4 projects from HZAU won awards. The project “Needle-free Injector System for an animal application: A sharp and smart tool benefiting farmers” won the grand award. Meanwhile, other 3 projects were awarded with the second prize, including “Agricultural Socialization Services Transaction Platform”, “Senior Trendsetter” and “Recirculating Aquaculture System based upon Diaphragm Electrolsysis”. Members of these teams major in Information Management and Information System, Land Resources Management, Administration Management, Mechanization, Economic Statistics and Smart Agriculture etc., fully leveraging their disciplinary integration strengths. Both freshmen and graduate students harnessed respective power to showcase great performance, further enhancing comprehensive ability during their academic life.

Placing a high priority on innovation and entrepreneurship education, HZAU provides active supports for various academic competitions, continuously deepens the reform of innovation and entrepreneurship education and promote practical training for entrepreneurship. For undergraduates, such methods contribute to fostering their creative mind, cultivating entrepreneurial sense and strengthening innovative and entrepreneurial ability.

It has been 14 years since the Ministry of Education entrusted the National Advisory Committee on Teaching E-commerce to Majors with hosting the ICE Competition nationwide for college students in 2009. Holding ICE Competition aims to kindle students’ interest, stimulate their potential, cultivate innovative and creative thinking in the spirit of team cooperation. Also, the competition plays a critical role in enhancing students’ ability to start businesses. Hubei Provincial Round for the 13th ICE Competition was hosted by National Industry-Education Integration Innovation and Entrepreneurship Alliance (NIEA) and Hubei Electronic Commerce Society(HECS). Meanwhile, Hubei Engineering University and Xiaogan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau co-organized this competition. A total of 6632 teams in Hubei Province signed up for the contest. After the preliminary rounds at the university level, 700 teams qualified to participate in the provincial semi-finals, among which 240 teams entered the national finals.


Translated by: Liu Bangyan
Supervise by: Jin Bei