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HZAU Holds Bilateral Seminar with RRI and CGB of Uzbekistan

Signing ceremony (Photo by Zhang Yulu)

On the morning of May 11th, a Uzbekistan delegation of six representatives, led by the director of the Uzbekistan Rice Research Institute (RRI) and the director of the Genomics and Bioinformatics Center (CGB) of the Academy of Sciences, visited Huazhong Agricultural University and signed a memorandum of understanding. Academician Zhang Qifa, Vice President Yan Jianbing attended the signing ceremony at the National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement.

During the seminar, scholars from both sides presented and deliberated upon the latest advancements, development trends, and prospective collaborative opportunities in the domain of crop genomics and bioinformatics.

Professor Yan Jianbing delivered a welcome address, followed by Director Buriev and Director Sattarov from the Uzbek delegation providing detailed introductions of their respective centers and institutes. Subsequently, both parties signed a memorandum of understanding.

The second phase of the seminar was chaired by Professor Zhang Jianwei, during which both delegations engaged in academic exchanges in rice and cotton research. Professor Xiong Lizhong presented the research progress and achievements of HZAU’s team on rice genomics and genetic improvement, while Dr. Ergashev from RRI introduced the latest developments in rice research from Uzbekistan. Professor Wang Maojun reported on their achievements of HZAU’s cotton genomics, while Dr. Ayubov from CGB introduced their current research progress of cotton genomics and bioinformatics. The two sides had an insightful exchange on the topics of rice and cotton genomics as well as bioinformatics research. They shared their experiences and suggestions, while also exploring future developmental directions. Additionally, the seminar featured discussions on topics such as talent team building, joint training of graduate students, and organization of research projects, with the objective of achieving mutual and multiple benefits, jointly creating a new chapter of cooperation for the future.

Besides, some officials led the Uzbek delegation to visit the laboratories of the rice and cotton research teams. The attendees engaged in in-depth discussions on the laboratory facilities and technologies, while also sharing their respective experiences and best practices in laboratory management and experimental techniques.

This seminar has established a platform for cooperation and exchange between China and Uzbekistan in crop genomics and bioinformatics. It will promote cooperation and development in agricultural science and technology and offer important insights and directions for advancing the development and innovation of agricultural science and technology.

Translated by: Su Tong
Supervised by: Yao Li